yeah i get the whole cheated and abuse thing but the heartbroken part well your heart is going to get broken and unfortunately more then ones sometimes by asshole who never really cared and other times by someone you never thought would hurt you but people change and sometimes (most of the times) it’s for the worst and it feels like shit and it fucking hurts so bad it’s like whoa wait what you promised me you were never going to hurt me or leave but okay i guess i am not good enough for you to keep you promises i guess what i am trying to say is that you don’t get to choose if you get hurt or not because life doesn’t work that way i wish it did but it doesn’t you are going to get heartbroken and feel like you want to die but you just need to find someone who is worth all that pain maybe you won’t find then right now or in 5 years but you will one day and when you do trust me it’s all going to be worth it all that bullshit and all that pain it’s not for nothing i guess i am just a bit sentimental about that topic

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Their mouths that cannot clamour noisily or tell lies any longer . Aren’t they all far more beautiful than when they were alive ?

We’ll miss you !